The Abode I Wish For

The Abode I Wish For

The Climate will be perfect, not hot not cold
A hundred years it would take to circle a tree
Surrounded by loved ones for all eternity
There will be no calls of nature, no one will sleep
There will be no worries, no one will weep


The Covered Jewel

The Covered Jewel

My hair is covered
My face is too
My beauty is hidden
from strangers like you
No man deserves me except my husband
My modesty is priceless
And my self-worth is immeasurable

Don’t Quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill

When the funds are low and debts are high

And you want to smile but you have to sigh

Rest if you must but don’t quit


Life is full of twists and turns

As every one of us sometimes learn

And many a people turn back

When he might have won had he stuck to it

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow


You may succeed with another blow

Success is failure turned inside out

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt

And you never can tell how close you are

It may be near when it seems afar

So stick to Allah and try your best

And even if things still don’t work out

Turn back to Him — edited by An-Nuur

Dear Freshman

Dear freshman,

Each and every stepping stone along the way

Has led up to this most important day

The day you get to University

While everyone is left wondering

“Where in the world all the time went?”

In the meantime, in between time

We’ll do what everyone does

And worry, worry, worry

The whole year through

We’ll worry

Are you eating right?

Staying up all night?

Showing up for classes late?

Getting along with roommates?

Praying Salah regularly?

Do you have too much to do?

Are you making friends and having fun?

Are your assignments getting done?

One thing we know for sure is

You have all the” Help of Allah

To make it through these next few years


By AbdulGafar Babatunde Badmus – Civil Engineering 300level

And of them are still
beholders of winters

Of them have for summers
left for nowhere

Of them are the wayfarers
Of journey
journey that gives no hope
of returning

Of them bade the word
of departure at dawn
in memory of our
confab at twilight

Of them have for decades
been detained
never wrong but right

Of them still hearken to voices
on the sickbeds
beds that in their appearance
lament of a throbbing memory
We gag them not but we adore.




O ye who believe,

What has made you to forget your lord?

Who created you from a clot

Furnished you and fashioned you


O ye who believe,

Hasn’t there come the time,

To be affected by this reminder,

Lest you be as those who received the scripture before you


O ye who believe,

What is keeping you from obeying your lord?

Why have you chosen to follow your lustful desire?


O ye who believe,

Why have you taken enemies of Allah as friends?

Yet you proclaim you love Allah

If you truly love Him

Follow His commandments


O ye who believe

If only you knew

You shall see the blazing fire

You will forget about the worldly things

And obey his commands


O ye who believe

Fear Allah and the last day

Fear a day you shall be a witness against yourself

If you had not worshipped, feared him as he ought to be feared.


O ye who believe

Be good to the parent

And die not, except you are a Muslim.




Far away you lived all these while

distant from your creator

yet he hasn’t gotten hold of you

how merciful is your creator

you wake up every morning

and you continue with your daily deeds

immersed deeply in sinful act

yet you forgot totally your Sustainer

disobeying the One who made you

have you forgotten?

that surely one day you’ll meet them

and surely you’ll account for your deeds

whether you observe your daily salawat

or whether you always steal from it.


You lived all this while,

being only a Muslim by name

not even bother to know more about your lord

totally immersed in the worldly pursuit

obeying your boss and disobeying your creator

yet people keep dying day by day

and this doesn’t sound a note of warning

but your creator has been merciful

waiting for you to repent

when will you realize?


That all which has been happening,

either the good or the bad,

the sweet or the bitter

everything is just a test.

think deeply and ask yourself

Isn’t it time for you!


To start obeying your creator,

so you can face Him with a bright face

on the day you will account for your deeds

and prepare well for that journey

which you ‘ll embark on alone one day

Isn’t it time?




Department: PSYCHOLOGY



Slowly I’ve walked

Avoiding the thorns

Striving to please Allah

With an hyper hope of jannah


The longer I stay

The harder it becomes

No one to call for aid

Except my rabb, the everlasting helper


Sabr I seek From As-sabr

To keep me firm on this path

As I walk through the pathway

leading me to jannatul firdaus


Your light is all I need

It’s enough for me

Cos I’ll never stumble

When shaytan crosses my path


The trials I face

I’ll endure it all

With patience and perseverance

That’s a quality of a believer


I’m a sinner and a slave

To the almighty who owns my life and death

Why won’t I take what he has decreed upon me

Cos my rewards I hoped for with you


On the tawheed I’ll stand

On the Qur’an I rely

The sunnah I act upon

To attain jannatul firdaus


My return to you

I look forward to

Before my time expires

I’d keep calm and worship you


To you I belong

To you I shall return

Your forgiveness I seek

And accept my taubah


I look forward to your mercy

When there will be no other mercy that day

Cos my eagerness for jannah

Is beyond the Qalam and kitaab



By Umm Julaybib


You captivate my desires

You make me look like a looser

When you have nothing to offer at the end

You made me drown in your love

I spent my days pursuing you in vain

Yet you knew all were illusions

Illusions that will fade at last

You never told me you were mere dreams

Those I’ll have to wake to reality soonest

The mansions, nice rides, and gadgets

Would be of no benefit to me soon

OH! This worldly life what have you done to me

Alas! I realized its time I die before I’m dead

Its time I live like a prisoner in you

Just like Allah has commanded me

For my true world lies in the akhirah

I need no favor from you anymore

For my desires you can’t fulfill

True wealth lies in Jannah

Where nothing comes to an end

You offer me dissatisfaction

Jannah offers me satisfaction

Leave me oh dunya

For you cause me much ache

Now I have Islam, It detaches me from you

And replaced you with a place filled with endless possibilities

A place that no eyes have ever seen

Nor has any imagination be compared with

And not a world of profitless ending

That contains nothing but vanity

You’ve offered me serenity all years

Now I’m living in total tranquility

My stay in you is temporary indeed

So leave me to live my life for ALLAH!!!!!!!



By AbdulGafar Babatunde Badmus – Civil Engineering 300level


A lot of pages in the book of trials

Open and Open till you get tired


As some tables the colour of their trials

so others do in series and  myriads

The road to the city of  trials is enough as a tour

left and right with chunk of flaws


Enough to study in life are  conundrums

study and study till you are fed up


And  who is ready to be part of our tour

A journey to see the man who never wept

The one who opens his pages in series of success

And no ink of  rout  he has  recorded


A journey  to east and tour to west

In  search  of  one who claims to be flawless

Patience at dawn grit till dusk

Just to bear out our Achilles’ heel.