Department: PSYCHOLOGY



Slowly I’ve walked

Avoiding the thorns

Striving to please Allah

With an hyper hope of jannah


The longer I stay

The harder it becomes

No one to call for aid

Except my rabb, the everlasting helper


Sabr I seek From As-sabr

To keep me firm on this path

As I walk through the pathway

leading me to jannatul firdaus


Your light is all I need

It’s enough for me

Cos I’ll never stumble

When shaytan crosses my path


The trials I face

I’ll endure it all

With patience and perseverance

That’s a quality of a believer


I’m a sinner and a slave

To the almighty who owns my life and death

Why won’t I take what he has decreed upon me

Cos my rewards I hoped for with you


On the tawheed I’ll stand

On the Qur’an I rely

The sunnah I act upon

To attain jannatul firdaus


My return to you

I look forward to

Before my time expires

I’d keep calm and worship you


To you I belong

To you I shall return

Your forgiveness I seek

And accept my taubah


I look forward to your mercy

When there will be no other mercy that day

Cos my eagerness for jannah

Is beyond the Qalam and kitaab



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