In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

In the masjid one should abstain from talking about worldly affairs, even if they are concerning things that may be permissible.
Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran has said:
‘And the places of worship are for Allah, so invoke not any one along with Allah’. (Surah Jinn v.18)
Ali (Radiallahu Anhu) once said that “A time will come when Islam will be only for the namesake and the Quran will only be a symbol; there will be mosques but they will not resound with the praises of Allah.”

Saib Bin Yazid (Radiallahu Anhu) narrates that one day he was asleep in the mosque when someone threw a pebble to wake him up. He saw that it was Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) who had woken him up. Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) pointed to two men who were making noise in the mosque and asked Saib to catch hold of them and bring them to him. Accordingly, he brought them to Umar (Radiallahu Anhu). He asked them where they lived. They replied that they belonged to Taif. On hearing this, Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) said “if you had been residents of Madinah, I would have punished you for making noise in the mosque. However, I excuse you today because you have come from outside.”
Umar (Radialahu Anhu) was very strict in this matter. He did not tolerate the slightest disrespect to the mosque.
It is an act of great sin to talk about worldly matters, backbite or indulge in unnecessary and useless talks. Talking unnecessarily in masjid wipes out good deeds just as fire destroys wood; or as animals eat away grass. This way all virtues are destroyed totally. In a saying: A time will come on people when they will indulge in worldly talks and vain talks in masjid, so you must not sit with such people; Allah has no need for such people. (Sunan Baihaqi)
Only Allah Knows Best.
Reference: https://islamqa.org/ — edited by An-Nuur Press Agency


When you are asked by Non-Muslims that…



Who is Allah?

Say: In Arabic, Allah literally means ‘the one who deserves to be worshipped’, or more simply ‘God’. The same God that was worshipped by Prophet Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them all. Noteworthy is the fact that Arab and Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians do not have any other word for God other than Allah. Islam however rejects the notion of trinity and Muslims believes that Allah is one. Also, the word ‘Allah’ cannot be pluralized and this goes hand in hand with the Islamic conception of God. Additionally, Allah is sometimes falsely regarded as the moon god. This is a baseless assertion made widespread by evil-mongers whose only aim is to discredit Islam as there is no historical or any scriptural evidence to back-up their claim. Read Baqarah v255


What is the significance of the crescent moon and the star?

Say: These symbols are not symbols of Islam. Their emergence cannot be ascribed to the prophet or to any of his companions. It can be traced to the old Ottoman Empire based in Turkey that collapsed in 1923. The symbols were adopted in their flags and that of conquered territories. After the empire collapsed, it was continually used in the flags of former colonies and by the 1950s, the symbols came to be associated with Islam and incorporated into various Islamic societies, monuments and artifacts – It was used prominently by the Nation of Islam. Some countries such as Libya added the symbol to their national flag and even ascribed meaning to it: ‘’The Crescent is symbolic of the beginning of the Lunar month of the Islamic calendar.., the star represents our smiling hope, the beauty of aims …  and the light of our belief in God’’. Thus, the symbol till date became widespread, featuring especially in Islamic Architecture. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make it a symbol of Islam, it is not.


Islam was spread by the sword?

Say: It is common talk among non-Muslims that Islam would not have been where it is today had it not been spread by the sword. This is far from from the truth. De Lacy O’Leary , a British historian wrote: “history makes it clear however that the legend of the fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fanatically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated”(Islam At Crossroads). If Islam were spread by the sword, then the over 5 million Coptic Christians and Jews living in overwhelmingly Muslim countries like Egypt would have either been killed or converted. Islam is at present the fastest growing religion and one may ask – which war took place in this century which converted millions to Islam? If Islam were spread by any sword, it’s the sword of dawah as the Quran says: “..Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching”An-Nahl :125.


Why are Muslims terrorists?

Say: No, Muslims aren’t terrorists at all. There are some groups and factions that perpetuate evil in the name of Islam but they do not represent Islam. It is quite unfair to judge a group of people by the actions of a small percentage of that group. A poll conducted by a non-Muslim organization and backed by an FBI report on terrorism showed that 94% of Muslims aren’t at all radical. There are various organizations that do not proclaim Islam at all yet make mischief but it is as though the media makes light of them. The Lord’s Resistance of Joseph Kony has committed mass killings, ritual killings, rape and other atrocities in the name of Christianity. Till now, Joseph Kony is still at large and they continue to wreak havoc on Ugandans. They aim to establish a theocratic state in Uganda based on Christian fundamentalism.

The ‘gunpowder plot’ was a failed attempt by English Catholic men to assassinate King James 1 in 1605 and blow up the Palace of Westminster because of the reformation and introduction of protestant state churches. This is said by many historians to mark the beginning of modern terrorism. The Ku Klux Klan is also a Christian terrorist organizations and their goal is to ‘’re-establish protestant Christians in America by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE’’ according to Wikipedia. They have continued to maim, kill and destroy in the name of Christianity. In Central African Republic, Christian Militias destroyed almost all the mosque in the region in their recent uprising. In 2014, Amnesty International reported several massacres committed by Christian anti-balaka forces against Muslims, there are even cases of Muslims being cannibalized.

The reality is that the vast majorities of Muslims are far from violent and suffer more from terrorism and violence than non-muslims. The media has sensationalized the views of a tiny percentage of violent extremists as the legitimate understanding of Islam as a community seeking global dominance by force. Terrorism is a global issue and not an Islamic monopoly and thus should be dealt with globally.



Q & A

“I have been hurt very badly; I have not been married for long but my husband started speaking to a woman from the past a few months after our marriage. I did not get to know him very well before marriage because I chose to follow the rules of Islam did not engage in illegal courtship. My husband had intention of marrying another woman so he got to know her for a while before our marriage and before we met; that woman has now got in contact with him and they have been having conversations via e-mail and by phone. I discovered and I lost my temper as I loved my husband very much. But now, he said to me that he had feelings for her and he wanted to marry her. But before we got married I had asked him if he wished to marry again and he said no, very clearly, that he had no intention of going down that path. I feel like I’ve been cheated on and hurt. Now I cannot trust my husband and always think about how they must have interacted and how they must have made jokes, and in their e- mail they talked about their past which I know is haram (impermissible). He should not be talking to a member of the opposite sex who is not a mahram (close relative whom one cannot marry).

He now promised he won’t get in contact with her and that he has ended it, but in my heart there is so much hurt and at times I cry and get depressed and feel like I am not enough for him. We have a child and at times I feel like I cannot live with him and that I don’t want to be with him because he has betrayed and used me and made me feel like we are ok when we were not. He always went to her to talk about his worries and emotions and not to me and I was pregnant at the time which makes me hurt even more. What is the punishment for a man when he does this to his pregnant wife? I want advice from you on how to take control of this situation in a halaal (lawful) way. I feel unhappy at times and like I’m stuck with someone who doesnt love me or have feelings for me.”


Praise be to Allah.


What the man is doing of having a haraam (an unlawful) relationship with a woman who is not his mahram is a betrayal of the rights of Allah before it is a betrayal of the rights of his wife. The Muslim is bound by a covenant with his Lord, may He be exalted, and what he is required to do is to fulfil that covenant and not break it. Moreover, this is not what the

individual is enjoined to do in response to the blessings that his Lord has bestowed upon him. Allah,

may He be glorified, has blessed him with good health, well-being and a wife and children, either now or soon, in sha Allah. The way to show gratitude for these blessings is not to waste this good health and well-being in haraam relationships with non-mahram women, and the way to show gratitude for the blessing of the wife and children is not by neglecting them and breaking ties with them. Allah, may He be exalted, has promised to those who give thanks increased blessings and He warns those who are ungrateful for blessings of a severe punishment, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: If you give thanks (by accepting Faith and worshipping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings), but if you are thankless (i.e. disbelievers), verily! My Punishment is indeed severe[Ibraaheem 14:7] .



What appears to be the case in your situation with your husband is that you have a place in his heart; were it not for that he would have hastened to end the marital relationship between you after he found out that you are aware of his haraam relationship with that woman. This is something that should be used to put pressure on him to give up this sin and end that haram relationship. We think that you should treat him very kindly and do not fall short in treating him kindly; you should also adorn yourself for him, wear your best clothes and create a pleasant atmosphere for him in the house, because he may be missing that altogether or in part. You should also advise him and admonish him, and warn him against continuing to commit haraam actions. You should explain to him what hispunishment will be with Allah in the Hereafter, or in the Hereafter and this world; indeed you should warn him that Allah may punish him for such sin with regard to his family, as he may be tested with marriage to a woman, or with having a daughter, who does with men what he is doing with women – what will his reaction be in that case?


We advise you not to let many people know about what your husband is doing, because the basic principle is to conceal sins that are unknown. What we want isthat which will help mend his ways, not that which may be taken as a means to continue what he is doing of committing sin.


Fill his time with useful and beneficial things, and do not leave him time when he is alone with his shaytaan! His daily schedule should be full, either with acts of worship such as upholding ties of kinship or attending Islamic study circles, or he should be busy with worldly matters that are beneficial and permissible, such as exercise.


Offer a lot of du’aa (supplication) for him to be guided and set straight, for the best weapon of the believer is du’aa. Strive hard to offer du’aa in the last third of the night and when prostrating.


Finally, if what is mentioned above does not succeed in putting a stop to that haraam relationship of his with that woman, then you have two options:

(i) you can advise him to marry her in accordance with the laws of Allah, may He be exalted, so as to save him and her from this haram relationship, on condition that his relationship with her has not reached the level of zina (adultery) – Allah forbid – because it is not permissible to advise someone to do something that is haraam, as their getting married will not be permissible until after they repent (from zina).

(ii) Or you can ask for a divorce (talaaq), butstart by threatening to ask for it, then if he remains ashe is you have the right to seek a way out of thecalamity you are faced with by asking for a divorce.The final resort in medical treatment is cautery, as it issaid, and despite the pain of this cautery (divorce), itwill give you a way out from the distress and angeryou are feeling, and it will protect you and yourchildren from the possibility of fitnah (tribulation)because of your husband’s misbehaviour and hisharaam relationship, whether that protection has to dowith your religious commitment, honour or health.This is what we can give you by way of advice. MayAllah guide your husband and set his affairs straight;we ask Allah to reconcile between you when he isadhering to righteousness and obedience towardsAllah.

And Allah knows best……

Source: islamqa.com