O ye who believe,

What has made you to forget your lord?

Who created you from a clot

Furnished you and fashioned you


O ye who believe,

Hasn’t there come the time,

To be affected by this reminder,

Lest you be as those who received the scripture before you


O ye who believe,

What is keeping you from obeying your lord?

Why have you chosen to follow your lustful desire?


O ye who believe,

Why have you taken enemies of Allah as friends?

Yet you proclaim you love Allah

If you truly love Him

Follow His commandments


O ye who believe

If only you knew

You shall see the blazing fire

You will forget about the worldly things

And obey his commands


O ye who believe

Fear Allah and the last day

Fear a day you shall be a witness against yourself

If you had not worshipped, feared him as he ought to be feared.


O ye who believe

Be good to the parent

And die not, except you are a Muslim.



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