In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

The submission and obedience of man to His Creator is the essence of Islam. The Name “Islam” is chosen by God (Allaah) and not by man. It is the same message revealed to all the prophets and Messengers by Allaah and which they spread amongst their respective nations. In its final and universal form it was revealed to Muhammadصلى الله عليه و سلم: may Allaah exalt his mention and save him and his message from all kinds of evil).
Allaah is the identifying name or title of the Majestic, sole and True God. This noun which is the name of Allaah applies to none other than Him. He, Most Majestic and Most High, has other names all of which follow on from His name Allaah. The meaning of the name Allaah is the ma’looh (that which is worshipped out of love, magnification, deification, and longing). He is the Creator: to Him belongs the Commandment. No worship is worthy of being given to a stone, statue, a cross, a triangle, Khomeini, Farakhan, Elijas, Malcom’s X or Y, Ghandi, Krishna, Gurus, Buddha, Mahatma, Emperor, Joseph Smith, Sun, Moon (not to that from Korea too), Diana, light fire, rivers, cows, Rama, Temples, Prophets, Messengers (Yes! Muslims do not worship Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم), Saints, Priests, Monks, Haile Selassie, Movie Stars, Sheiks, etc.!! All are created beings or things.
The name Allaah is not chosen by man and it is not named after a prophet, saint or any famous man. The name “Allaah” was referred to by all prophets including Adam, Jesus, Moses, and by the last and final Prophet, Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم), as the One True God who deserves to be worshipped alone.
The innate nature in man (fitrah) recognizes what is good and bad, what is true and false. It recognizes that the Attributes of Allaah must be True, Unique, and All-Perfect. It does not feel comfortable towards any kind of degradation of His Attributes nor does it relax towards associating human qualities to the Creator. Many who became “discontent with God” did so because of the practices of the Church in medieval Europe and because of the claims of “god dwelling in a son”, and that “everyone is born with an original sin”. They “escaped” into worshipping a new theory called “mother nature” as well as the “material world”. With the advancement of materialistic technology others from different religions adopted the concept of “forgetting about God” and “let us live this life and enjoy it!” not realizing that they have chosen the worship of the “origin god” of Rome: The god of desire!
Today we can see that all of this materialistic progress produced a spiritual vacuum that led to complex social, economic, political, and psychological problems. Many of those who “fled” their “religions” are in search again. Some try to “escape” the complexity of their daily lives via various means. Those who had the chance to examine the Qur’an and Islam, proceed with a complete code for life which requires man to fulfill the purpose for his presence on earth. Allaah does not want for man to be enslaved to any false deity: nature, drugs, lust, money, other men, desire, or sex. He provides the proofs that he is the One who can deliver man from the slavery to any form of creation and to turn to his Creator alone.
The Creator has Perfect Attributes. He is the First, nothing is before Him. He is the Last, everything ends except Him; the Most High, nothing is above Him; the Most Near, nothing is beyond His reach and his compassing, and He is the Most High in His nearness. He is the Ever-Living, to Him we shall all return, where everyone will be dealt with in the Most Perfect and Just way. He does not beget nor is He begotten. Those who attribute Divinity to Jesus forget or ignore the fact that Jesus was in a mother’s womb. He needed nutrition; he was born and grew up to be a man. He was trusted with the Gospel (Injeel) as a message to the Children of Israel. A man-messenger calling his nation not to worship him. A man who needs to eat, walk, sleep, rest, etc. cannot have Divine Attributes because he is in need, but Allaah, the God of Jesus, is far above any imperfection.
With respect to Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Rastafarianism, etc., all are forms of worship to created beings/things in one form or another. Jews had attributed a nationalistic belonging to Allaah: “The Tribal God” of Israel. Men and women following these religions were born with the natural inclination of worshipping their Creator, Allaah. It is their parents who had driven them into their respective traditions. Once they are exposed to the Signs of Allaah around them, or in the Qur’an, or to someone who triggers their Fitrah (natural inclination to worship Allaah alone), the reverting process begins, and that is why we see a universal spreading of Islam.
There are many distortions of Islam in the media, worldwide. However, Despite the wrong practices of some Muslims (rulers and ruled) in some countries, those who seek the truth are judging Islam according to its doctrines. That is why we continue to witness a global growth in the number of people accepting this true religion of Allaah. The opposition to Islam will intensify with the spread of this truth in the world. This is not a conflict of “civilizations”, but rather the real struggle between the truths presented in the creed and principles of Islam and false doctrines and ways of worship. This is a real challenge for those who seek the Truth. Man is created for a purpose: to live a life in accordance with Allaah’s way. Why Not? Do we possess the air we breathe? Did we create ourselves or others? Or were we ourselves the Creators? So is it our right to ignore our Creator when we are all need of Him? Allaah is All-Just and All-Wise. He does not intend confusion for His Creation. The religion accepted to Him is the one chosen by Him. Its essence must be One, because He is One and only one True God. It is the religion of submission to the Will and Commandment of the One Who brought us to life, the Ever Living who will never die. It is the complete way of life for all mankind. All these qualities are chosen by Allaah in His only religion: Islam.
Reference: https://abdurrahman.org — edited by An-Nuur Press Agency




Less than a decade ago, I do ask myself questions whenever I sat down at the darkest part of my room that have I really separated the chaff from the grain? Being a Muslim youth, what is my responsibility? What is expected of me to do and not to do? But now, years on and putting pen to paper, I don’t know where to start but I guess I should start from where it would be clear. I believe every step in life is like a chapter right from birth till death – Painfully, a lot of Muslim youths do not discover this throughout their youthful age and may carry this ignorance till old age.
At this chapter in my existence, as a university undergraduate where I have the privilege to meet Muslim brothers consciously and accidentally, I have been looking up to them; imbibing their ways and etiquette of practicing the Sunnah according to the Kitab and Sunnah of the prophet (). I tried my best to grab all the Islam I could get off (from) them by listening to them patiently and understudying a number of individuals amongst them. However, I came to a conclusion that heroism and mentoring could at times be dangerous, that in as much as I gained much from them, I also imbibed from some, certain not quite Islamic attitudes, which further investigations may reveal have only a shaky basis in Islam.

Today, looking back into the past and with a bit of experience, I have discovered that there is a tendency for Muslim youths who tend to rediscover Islam to blindly follow their mentors. The correct approach would rather be the approach of the prophet (Peace and blessing be on to him) which was the middle course. Allah says: “And, {moreover}, this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow {other} ways, for you will be separated from His way.” (Al – an’aam : 153)

I also had several sessions in the company of non-Muslim friends. One scene of note during one of my companies with them happened in my room. We were having a discussion on “Dressing to kill”. At this time, my array of clothes consist of well-worn Jalabiyas, good but ruffled native wears, old caps and any other cloth that was definitely ‘offensive’ to the eye and clearly unattractive. I had come to the conclusion that “to be scruffy was to be pious”. As a result, my uncombed beard was a sign of faith. In the course of our discussion, I was referred to and asked questions like “Alfa why are your trousers going up these days, hope you have not joined teblik?”, “Why is your beard not shaved? “,” Why do you stop watching film?” I answered all their questions satisfactorily, for I had learnt then to answer questions with evidences and I made it clear the subject of their question is part of my deen.

A beneficial digression now; It is quite unfortunate that fellow Muslims will sometime argue ignorantly against leaving the beards and raising the trousers. The prophet said shaving the beard is an act of disobedience to Allah (subhanalah wataalah) as expressed in his words: “closely trim the moustache, and spare the beard” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim and others). This is an explicit command which indicates that it is compulsory to grow the beards.