By Umm Julaybib


You captivate my desires

You make me look like a looser

When you have nothing to offer at the end

You made me drown in your love

I spent my days pursuing you in vain

Yet you knew all were illusions

Illusions that will fade at last

You never told me you were mere dreams

Those I’ll have to wake to reality soonest

The mansions, nice rides, and gadgets

Would be of no benefit to me soon

OH! This worldly life what have you done to me

Alas! I realized its time I die before I’m dead

Its time I live like a prisoner in you

Just like Allah has commanded me

For my true world lies in the akhirah

I need no favor from you anymore

For my desires you can’t fulfill

True wealth lies in Jannah

Where nothing comes to an end

You offer me dissatisfaction

Jannah offers me satisfaction

Leave me oh dunya

For you cause me much ache

Now I have Islam, It detaches me from you

And replaced you with a place filled with endless possibilities

A place that no eyes have ever seen

Nor has any imagination be compared with

And not a world of profitless ending

That contains nothing but vanity

You’ve offered me serenity all years

Now I’m living in total tranquility

My stay in you is temporary indeed

So leave me to live my life for ALLAH!!!!!!!



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