Far away you lived all these while

distant from your creator

yet he hasn’t gotten hold of you

how merciful is your creator

you wake up every morning

and you continue with your daily deeds

immersed deeply in sinful act

yet you forgot totally your Sustainer

disobeying the One who made you

have you forgotten?

that surely one day you’ll meet them

and surely you’ll account for your deeds

whether you observe your daily salawat

or whether you always steal from it.


You lived all this while,

being only a Muslim by name

not even bother to know more about your lord

totally immersed in the worldly pursuit

obeying your boss and disobeying your creator

yet people keep dying day by day

and this doesn’t sound a note of warning

but your creator has been merciful

waiting for you to repent

when will you realize?


That all which has been happening,

either the good or the bad,

the sweet or the bitter

everything is just a test.

think deeply and ask yourself

Isn’t it time for you!


To start obeying your creator,

so you can face Him with a bright face

on the day you will account for your deeds

and prepare well for that journey

which you ‘ll embark on alone one day

Isn’t it time?


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