_From MSSNOAU to all Muslims in Nigeria and the world at large._
Inside the mosque, the about to be “inaugurated” leader of the imposters was jumping up and down: perhaps out of joy that the elderly Chief Imam of OAU – in addition to giving him the floor of our mosque to continue his and his co-conspirators mandate to divide the Muslims – is also helping him to fight off a questioner with a rain of claws and blows just a few metres away.

Doddering old men quickly ushered the imposter to the pulpit, while the chief imam and some fellow OAU Muslim Community members-turned-henchmen were daring many peaceful set of Muslim students outside the mosque to a fight to the last.

The brothers, simply ignoring our suicide-hunting lecturers’ calls, bypassed many of them and jogged back into the mosque. The imposter was there giving a sponsored toneless speech, amidst loud students boos, to his bodyguard of lecturers and outsiders from God-knows-where.

The real MSSNOAU: The entire body of OAU Muslim students who still pride itself on the great brightness and lucidity their minds are blessed with, in addition to possessing the maturity and familiarity to always and forever choose their executives by themselves, watched the imposter got down from his assisted pulpit and got lost in his team.

Alhamdulillah, there have been no violence from students. The attempted and unsucessful try at physical violence was implemented by the unlikeliest person. Allahu l mustahan.

In a non-violent way, the Muslim Students’ Society Of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University have made its stand firmly known: no to imposed and fake executives.
The hundreds of students that thereafter left the mosque have better things to do in their various homes.

For more info:

— MSSNOAU OFFICIAL HOTLINES: +2348078213310, +2348036733982.

— Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oaumuslimstudents

— Email: mssnoauife@yahoo.com

— Twitter: @mssnoau

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