By: Balogun I.A

Then after a lot of dilly-dallying, they eventually zeroed in on their ultimate tool; slander! That people did marriages without the woman’s parental approval. Here is these brothers being very low and doing a Donald Trump. Yes, because someone does something, the whole populace becomes guilty?? There are however two very cogent points to put this to rest.
1. Those involved in this have moved on and doing very well with their lives as attested to by the chief Imam himself. They now have very good relationships with their parents and right now, the families don’t even remember this dark patch caused by youthful exuberance anymore. Why cry more than the bereaved?

Now wait for the second point;

2. The MSS Osun Area Unit was actually the major culprit conducting the “illegal” marriages. This MSSN Osun accusing the MSSNOAU was actually the one putting on the garb which never belonged to them. The Ameer of MSSN Osun Area Unit then, Brother Ishaq Awwal who is now the National Vice President (International) of MSSN was the very one running this illegal show. I wouldn’t have bothered to tell you he was a direct beneficiary of such illegal dealings too but they forced the words out of my mouth. My apologies in advance to those emotionally bruised by this reminder, but you could have tamed your attack dogs who threw stones from a house built of feeble glass. Yorubas say; “let eloquent speakers be mindful of rapt listeners”. This illegality was not restricted to OAU alone as he was conducting such “marriages” as Sultan in other schools under his ‘Caliphate’. MSSNOAU never conducted such, and no such marriage ever took place within the confines of the hall mosques. So who has the bigger blame? The one who commits a crime or the one who urged him on by legitimizing the crime with a law?

Seeing the case of abduction brought against some brothers and a sister made me pause for sober reflection. It is rather sad that these MSSN brothers won’t stop at anything to whitewash their ways. In retrospect, they would have loved to see these innocent brothers and the sister jailed! Those who passed through the ordeal of wrongful detention, school suspensions and legal troubles wouldn’t want to see anyone seek some cheap political points with that period of their lives. I am deeply amazed by the despicable desperation of the MSSN stooges that have brought this up again.

Well, this isn’t any secret if that is what they intended. The case, in which the brothers and sister were ably represented by Barrister Bayo Shittu, the present Honourable Minister for Communications was dismissed and it took pleas for some of those accused to stop them from suing for defamation of character afterwards. I was at the OAU Central Mosque the Friday after the ruling when Prof. (then Dr.) Sanusi, the chief Imam announced the outcome of the case and said “we should seek for forgiveness from Allaah then these brothers for all the lies we have heaped on them”! So who are these revisionists fighting for? Grow brothers! Grow!


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