By: Balogun I.A

In the jumbled note bereft of substance or style, the faceless writer committed intellectual suicide by writing “the MSSN OAU and the Osun Area Unit stopped to have the support of the sisters”. Except “and” means something else, it implies that the Osun Area Unit he was defending was actually in the same boat with the MSSNOAU he was castigating! They were together on this; all the positives and negatives should be jointly claimed. If an individual’s action is what you are building your faulty case on, you are no different from the Islamophobic press which views the actions of any Osama or ISIS as the action of the Muslims. An individual’s action, which was against the view we both shared is what you have brought forth brother! You didn’t read that article to yourself before going to press? It made you look insipid and funny!
Wait a minute! If you agreed that the MSSN came in (year 2005 actually) to resolve the MSSNOAU- Muslim Community conflict, how come your low level cretins in the name of parallel MSS OAU executives now claim no MSS existed in OAU for 15 – 20 years? You should have told them to polish and harmonize the lie with yours! The same way you said we removed the MSS name and logo. What won’t liars say? So when we removed the MSS name, what did we adopt? Our banners, posters and magazine carried TMC-OAU or OTM-OAU? I mean, I just don’t get how people can reach such ridiculously low depths in telling lies. The truth is we removed the “moon-star” logo but retained the name. Why? There is no reason in the Shari’a against the name but there is, against the ‘moon-star’ logo. Scholars of Islam over the ages have said this sign is not a symbol of Islam and even traced it to pre-islamic Turkish paganism. Little wonder why some Christian apologetics have sought to attack Islam based on this. We communicated this to you but you were not ready to yield to evidences. To you, it’s always the group’s views and ways – even when in stark opposition to the law of Allaah! Anyone who professes Islam should readily submit to the laws of Allaah and that is what Islam means.
{O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.}
[Qur’an 2:208]

But then, blind allegiance to the groups and individuals does just that; it blinds!
I want to see the faceless author and ask him if they derive carnal pleasure from shouting KBC‼ I remember how they went from “they are sponsored by DCL, Lagos” to “they are sponsored by the Jews”. For the record, we never stopped going to IVC if just for the sake of the unity. We only stopped attending your programmes when we always were the butt of vituperations at gatherings we left our primary aim on campus for. Rather than rot away at programmes overly non-beneficial and listen to insults, we minded our local problems. The problem MSS had with us on this is that we didn’t restrict people from attending other programmes apart from those of MSS. How that is a problem is beyond me! Are the others not Muslims too? Why is it wrong to go to KBC or any other apparently more beneficial programme than the IVC? Is IVC hajj or umrah? We never prevented anyone from attending IVC. One other thing, we never took sisters to IVC without their mahrams! And this also was one of the major problems they had with us! To them, anything to further the course of the group is to be done irrespective of its shari’a implication.


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