By: Balogun I.A

The hijab of the Muslim woman has always evoked a great deal of emotions with the Muslim populace. It could be as little as the headscarf or as much as the niqab covering the face. So when people throw up issues around it, many more issues are sure to crop up. Cue the unintelligent reactions of CAN to the judgments granting Muslim kids the right to wear the hijab in schools. This is why the ill-advised revisionist who brought up the sad case of the sisters using the niqab who have suffered untold oppressions over generations in OAU has been able to sell his story of innuendoes. 

The summary of the true story of niqab in OAU is told by Professor Rogers Makanjuola; arguably OAU’s most liberal and listening VC in recent history in his memoir: ‘Water Must Flow Uphill’ in two strong sentences; the last being the key one here.
“It is very likely that some of the protesting members of staff, Christians of extreme views, also had religious motives behind their objections. THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY WAS ALSO AGAINST THIS FULL VEILING.” (Page 212)
That settles that.
Now, isn’t it a reflection of the comedy of the MSSN tragedy that they would turn around to create such silly excuse for the Imam and some members of the Muslim Community that: “the community felt the population of lecturers and students who were Muslims were few and it was not yet time to start the use of niqab”! So, that is an excuse to fight those who seek to obey Allaah and His Prophet to the level of their commitment? So ‘stop obeying Allaah till we have enough numbers’! Brothers and sisters, that’s what MSSN has become; a despicable ensemble ready to sacrifice anything in order to serve their group’s interest! A travesty! We never argued against the need to have more students and staff, we just never saw why that should be more paramount than supporting those who seek to obey Allaah even in the midst of great tribulations. How absurd that the MSSN felt obeying Allaah will prevent us from attaining worldly good?
Little wonder then that the Brother Hadiyat AbdulRazaq Ajao, a former IVC coordinator and serial MSS leader expressed regrets over fighting for the niqab then. He stated this at a secret gathering for a kangaroo executive council being mooted by the unholy alliance between MSS and OAU Muslim Community in 2010. Note that the spread of this repulsive article I am responding to has also been traced to his person. He is unknown to many, still soured and scarred by his double failed quest to become the Ameer of MSSNOAU recently. I can understand someone running as far back as 2001 to bring an indictment against a people looking forward already beyond 2016. One is fixated on the past, comprised of individuals well past their prime; granddads claiming to be leaders of a “students” body; while their supposed adversaries are young, vibrant, dynamic boys and girls ready to give their all to soar the kite of the Islamic call beyond groupism and sectarianism.


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