Grab a ‘Risky Burger’ before class!

As a university student you might not always have enough time to cook a proper breakfast and since you have been advised (from health tips) that not eating breakfast is unhealthy, why not grab a quick easy to make breakfast. The all popular ‘risky burger’ (don’t mind the name it’s totally safe).

Ingredients: 2 Eggs, bell pepper (ata rodo), tomatoes, onion, smoked fish (shawa preferably), salt, ½ of one cube of ‘Maggi’, vegetable oil, and Bread (no sliced bread allowed).

Procedure: – Manually grate the peppers, tomatoes and onions together. (Electric blender not allowed)

-Break eggs into a bowl and whip.

-Add manually grated pepper sauce into the whipped egg.

-Shred in the smoked fish.

-Add salt and the ½ cube of Maggi and then mix thoroughly.

– Put frying pan on fire.

-Add two spoons of vegetable oil and let it heat up enough to fry.

-Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan and fry

-Lower the heat (be careful if you are using gas or hot plate lest you scoop out black fried eggs. I can’t cry for anybody).

-Slice the bread into two (however, do not slice through completely).

– Fill in the bread with the fried egg mixture.

– Take the filled in bread back to the frying pan (on low heat ooo, enh ehn) and press one of the sides with the a frying spoon till it is brown and toasted

– Turn the other side of the bread and repeat the same. You should have flat bread

There you go ‘Risky Burger’  — edited by An-Nuur


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