One unique feature of the Islamic sublime nature is its amazingly awesome style and method. This when compared with other systems reveal a wide gap of differences. As an example, the prayer is worthy of mention. When Muslims pray to their Lord, we find rows of men standing side by side, with their bodies and minds linked together. The rich and the poor, old and young, all come together as brethren, one to another in an aura of love. How good! Then, one man from among them stands in front to lead them in prayer. His appearance is simple, he does not have to be the most honourable in status, but he has to be followed by all as he has been chosen to lead. What about mistakes? He is not free from it of course, but he can correct himself and as well be corrected right there at the same moment. He may also feel the need to excuse himself if he cannot continue. What is more? While on duty, he backs others, but they all follow him without the need for him to check if they are compliant. Now, compare this with the military arrangement where the men stand at a minimal distance from one another, with a distinction according to rank, to obey the orders of a mandated and preferred Commander who has to face them and dish out orders by shouting and also watch out for erring soldiers. And then, who dares correct him there if he makes a mistake? The differences are contrastingly sharp.

What about the Zakat, a soul purifier done by purifying the wealth of all Muslims and fostering the spirit of love among mankind. This social reformation tool is better by far when compared with the conventional taxation which has no distinction according to status, but ensures that monies are returned to the illegal usurpers. Then the Sawm comes to balance the equation between the filled and the empty and also give mankind the innumerable blessings of their Lord. For a complete month, it is blessings unlimited, which other system of life has its equivalent? The Hajj is also another means to showcase the beauty of the religion. As a great assembly of men whose hearts are close to their Creator, doing His bidding in one location. At this time, the height of humility and submission can be attained, and life in its totality seems irrelevant. What other gathering of men has this phenomenon? The answer is as simple as 1+1.EQUATIONAL AS ISLAM

On a funny note, I have to say this. I experienced this at my former school. Early in the morning, people of another religion go around to call their members by preaching, singing, and all sorts, but for the Muslims, it is not like that. The Muadhin comes in front of the mosque to make the Adhan, and from all corners, the brethrens converge at the mosque to pray. When I observed this, I was truly amazed, and happy the more that I am a Muslim. This is indeed a blessing which is unquantifiable.

All these are based on the belief in one God, the Sovereign and ever-living, not a man-made collection of duties which has a hollow base, like the Shajaratun khabeethah having no stability, (Ibrahim [14] vs. 26.)


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