By Okeyode Ajibola Hakeem – Department of Microbiology

We live in this dunya (world) as if we are going to remain here forever, we do not think about our moment of death. Many of us live as though Allah (Subhana wa taala) has given us life forever, and we live our lives without caring about our deen. We do not learn about our deen. We have forgotten that Allah said: “He has not created the jinns and men alone except to worship Him” – we do the opposite. He also said (in surah An-Noor verse 54): “obey Allah and obey the messenger (Muhammad) (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasalaam)”, but instead, we do what pleases us; we perform all forms of shirk, drink alcohol, disrespect our parents, listen to music, make images of things that have souls, trim our beards and leave our moustache, engage in courtship, shake hands with the opposite sex, commit adultery, eat ribbah, watch pornography, cheat, gossip, backbite and all other unwholesome things we do. We know them all. And we still do not do sincere istigifar and repent to Allah (Subhana wa taala).

Soon after you die, you will be in your grave and you will be able to  hear the footsteps of your friends and family as they leave your graveside. Those are the people who you turned to in this dunya when you had some distress, needed some advice or some help. They bury you and they leave, and this person, this evil soul, screams: don’t leave me! Why are you going? Why are you leaving me alone? And so, the people leave, and then all of a sudden, he sees in the distance two angels, two very scary angels approaching him. They are called Munkar and Nakir, so imagine when you have never seen these before and you see them approaching you, and you will have nowhere to run, will you? You will have nowhere to hide, will you? You will have nothing that you can protect yourself with?

So, they sit that person up in his grave, and they ask him three questions, but they are not going to ask in a polite way: who is your lord? The first question. And this person, who did not learn about Allah (subahana wa taala), who didn’t learn about shirk, who just lived his life, who didn’t care, who was too busy chasing the duniya as we are doing right now. So, he is going to answer: oh oh I didn’t know.Then he is going to be replied: what was your religion? The second question. And this person, who comes to mosque only on Fridays and prayed his Jumuah but neglected the daily obligatory prayers, who prayed his Eid Salah but after that, turned his back to prayer; who didn’t know and care about his religion, is going to answer: I don’t know.

He is going to be asked the third question: who is this man that was sent to you? As usual, he will reply: I don’t know. He’s failed the three questions from Munkar and Nakir! What comes next? The fire of Jahannam enters into his grave, and his grave squeezes him so tight until his ribs begin to squeeze on one another and he will be shown his abode in jahannam.

The coming of hell fire! Brothers and sisters, hellfire is not a pit! It’s a roaring raging beast that is held down by 70,000 thousand chains and holding each chain is 70,000 angels, there is no scene more terrifying on the Day of Judgment than that scene. Every creation of Allah, every ummah of Allah; martyrs, prophets, believers, nonbelievers; they will fall to their knees before their Lord, crying: O Allah protect us, O Allah protect us. Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasalaam) told Umar that if one do the deeds of 70 prophets, one would still be frightened.

And the hell fire is a place of the most extreme suffering, the most extreme pain; of every level that you can imagine; physical, mental, spiritual, pain and suffering and torment. The people will cry in agony for water. They will cry for a drink, something to cool them, and they will be given a drink, but it’s boiling water that will scold their faces and burn their insides. This is the hellfire. The smallest punishment there is that a person will wear a pair of sandals of fire and his brain will boil yet he will think he is having the most severe and the worst punishment of all.

The major reasons why some Muslims may end up in hellfire, if only for a “while”, is because of the sins that they take for granted. Forbidden but not major sins (like shirk) we take as unimportant, we say: it’s just a sin, it’s alright,  just a little bit, it’s just a kiss, it’s just a look, it’s just a lie, it’s just a little cheat, a little theft, it’s just once, its ok. We keep doing it, we keep repeating it, that’s the danger. We take minor sins for granted and therefore it becomes a ritual, an habit.

The guardian of hellfire, his name is Maalik, he has never smiled since the hellfire was created. He has no remorse, has no pity, and he is desensitized to all types of horror. Hellfire ya ikhwan, is something not to be taken lightly. Its inhabitants, after a lifetime of horror will be  saying: ‘O Our Lord, please take us out’, ‘take us out and let us try again, give us another chance’, if we do this again then we are truly oppressors to ourselves’, and Allah will not even reply them, Allah will not speak to them, so some people have false hope, God will forgive me, God will forgive me, Allah cannot be fooled (subahana wa taala) and they will remain there for ever.

We ask Allah (subahana wa taala) to save us from the hellfire. O Allah! keep us away from the sins that make one enter hellfire.

We ask Allah (subahana wa taala) to forgive us all our sins, he is the most merciful and we ask him for paradise and to see his face and abide with his messenger in Jannah. Ameen



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