One of the hardest task in this 21st century is for the youths to spend just thirty minutes without “touching” their phones!


Almost everyone is now a phone addict.

It’s the last thing you touch before you sleep at night.

It’s the first thing you touch when you wake up at dawn.


Some even plug earpieces in their ears overnight.

Some will keep awake all night to download films but can’t wake up for tahajud.

Some are always “online” chatting.

As early as 6am they are online, and will remain online till midnight.

They have thousands of friends online whom they chat with but they don’t relate with their families at home.


They isolate themselves in their rooms.

They will argue till midnight about aqeedah issues, yet by fajr time, will be sleeping and snoring!

Immediately after the tasleem in solah, you see people pressing their phone buttons again, no time for adhkaar!

As if all their past and future sins have already been forgiven!



When accidents happen, instead of saving lives, you see people snapping the victims with their phones.

When a house is burning, instead of quenching it, you see people snapping on. They want to be the first to upload it on social network.

When they loose loved ones, instead of minding the funeral issues, the first thing they do is uploading the news on social network, perhaps to get comments!

We are so addicted to phones, we even chat when we are on motorcycles.

Some still chat in the exam halls.

Some play games with their phones in the masjid.


What a fitnah that has befallen the Ummah.


Some watch films in the masjid.

Along the road, some keep rubbing their screens, until perhaps they are narrowly missed by an oncoming vehicle or until slipped by a banana peel.

Even when we have guests, we still concentrate on our phones than our guests.

Some ignore their SPOUSES because they are chatting with “friends” on Facebook!

Some use Suratul Asr to hasten their solah because of their phones, not knowing that Suratul Asr is talking about spending time with doing righteous deeds.

Many are those whose phones have made them “hypocrites”. Many are those whose phones are leading them to hellfire.

Because of your phone, you are the last person to come to Juma’ah and you are always the first

person to leave!

Allah said, “Closer and closer to mankind comes their judgement, yet they don’t take heed, and they turn away” (Sura Al- Anbiyaa vs 1)

Sheikh Uthaymeen (rahimahuLlah) said, Whoever does not spend his time for the sake of Allah, what is better for him is DEATH!

May Allah forgive our numerous sins, Ameen.

Please educate others, May Allaah reward your efforts, Ameen.

Nomophobia is a psychological disorder that makes a person constantly afraid of being without their cell phones. Beware.

-Culled from a Facebook post by Sheik AbdulRaheem. Modifications by An-Nuur Press Agency



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