Yes, let’s see what you think. I guess it’s time for some self evaluation. After reading through this, every sincere mind should be able to rationalize some issues concerning the everyday life of its bearer. This article is intended to open up our minds concerning some of the important but usually trivialized aspects of a Muslim’s ‘ibaadah, his reason for existence, his scrolls before Allaah and his pass mark for Al-jannah. In shaaAllaah, we’ll all have a lesson or two to learn. Cruise along…

  • Funny how a thousand naira seems so small at the entrance of Amphi theatre but so much in Awolowo hall mosque.
  • Funny how boring it is to spend nine minutes on solaah but feels so good to spend ninety watching a football match.
  • Funny how easy it is to defend the theories of philosophers but so easy to question authentic hadeeths of the best of mankind.
  • Funny how students scramble for front seats in MTH 101 class but race out the mosque right after tasleem.
  • Funny how easy we’d recite the names of countless so-called celebrities and footballers at heart but how hard we’d find it to recall the names of a few companions of the noble prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
  • Funny how we’d present our projects to our supervisors neat and spiral-bound but present our solaah to the lord of the worlds exposing our ‘awrah.
  • Funny how we wrote jambs upon jambs to obtain four years in the university but can’t afford an hour or two in daarul-hikmah class.
  • Funny how easy it is to upload pictures and videos on facebook and instagram but think twice before sharing an authentic hadith.
  • Funny how difficult it is to block the spaces between our feet on solaah but we find it way too easy queuing up for food.
  • Yea, we spent God knows how long in nursery school trying to learn letters of the English alphabet but can’t dedicate ten minutes a day trying to improve our knowledge of the language of the Qur’an.
  • Of course, we’d read through the best-selling novels in hours but the Qur’an… come on, thirty minutes is too much, aye o po. Really???
  • Some of us can’t even flinch in the presence of our lecturers but we dare to trade words with our parents?
  • And why shake hands with the non-mahram opposite sex when we can’t handle a burning coal?
  • And why drag your garments beyond your ankles against the wish of your Lord when He and He alone provided you with both the ankles and the garments in the first place. Do you not crave to see His face on that day when garments shall be of no use?
  • And why not lower your gaze for the sake of the One who provided you with the ability to see in the first place?
  • And is not the One who gave us life able to take it at any time He pleases?


We pray that our creator makes us see that which is right as being right and gives us the ability to follow it and that He makes us see that which is wrong as being wrong and provides us with the ability to desist from it completely.

And all praises and adoration are due unto Allaah alone and may His immeasurable peace and blessings be upon His last messenger.

(Source: Islamic texts: sahih Bukhari, Muslim.)


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